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Women’s March DC 2017

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Although the Nomad stayed in Joshua Tree, I made a short trip to the east coast. The journey was sponsored by a network of women who were attending the LA Women’s March, inviting me to march in DC on behalf of my fellow JT neighbors.
Suitcase and shoes
So the photo of my suitcase represents the “spirit of the Nomad”, during my journey, when I’m traveling without my home on wheels.

But be assured the Nomad is what has made it possible for me to go!

And it’s been wonderful to represent the Joshua Tree community because it’s been such a welcoming place to stay in the high desert! So I will remain here until June.

Here are just a few photos that I took during the WMDC March, which was amazing and I hope these photos convey the power of the voices that were demanding to be heard.

image1Please note that along with social justice, health care and human rights and education, the National Endowment of the Arts is also in jeopardy, so if you support the Arts, we are being called into action to protect it!

There are more photos on my new Instagram and Facebook pages that I welcome you to follow!

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