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Acknowledgements 2013 – 2015

Dominique Moody working on the Nomad
For the past few years I have carried the vision of the Nomad through its blessings and challenges. The physical work was tremendous, the process required a “village” to manifest bringing the Nomad into being. Each person provided valuable skills or resources for its completion, so I wish to thank you all for your support, donations, work, advice etc. The journey has taken us all from A to Z.
– Dominique

Yrneh Brown
Charmaine Jefferson – President Kelan Resources
Cassandra Malry & Ray Washington
Karen Sulzberger – Funding Support
“Sky” – Fellow Nomad

Anawalt Lumber & Materials,
Montrose CA
Bill Anawalt – Owner of Anawalt Lumber and Materials in Montrose CA
Sasha Anawalt – Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Director Arts Journalism Masters Program USC

Anawalt Staff
Lorenzo Androde
Julio Anselmo
Ken Bailey
Ricardo Contres
Jim Ferris
Pablo Garcia
Zach Johnson
Ben Kaufmann
Ricky of Montrose
Andrew Reichman

Anawalt Friends
Bob Coach – Plaster Specialist, Nomad driver volunteer
Martin Smart – Wood Master

Larry Feagins – Architect, Digital Technician
Neil Smith – Architect

Art Organizations
Judy Bowman – LA Arts Resource Center
James Burks – Leimert Park Theatre Festival
Rosie Lee Hooks – Director of Watts Towers Art Center
Mar Hollingsworth – California African American Museum
Emily Hopkins – Executive Director of Side Street Projects
Dillon Beckwith – Woodworker
Kevin Jaffe – Woodworker
Maureen Kellen-Taylor – Engage
Isabelle Lutterodt – Executive Director of Angel’s Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro
Nobuko Miyamoto – FandangObon
Beth Peterson – LA Commons
Diana Phillippi – Altadena Best Fest
Lori Webster
Jan Williamson – 18th Street Arts Center

Art Events
Pasadena Art Night – Tire Fest 2014
Alta/Pasa/Dena Open Studios, Spring 2015
2nd Annual Leimert Park Theatre
Festival 2015
Watts Towers Drum Festival 2015
Simon Rodia Jazz Festival 2015
Altadena Best Fest 2015
FandangObon 2015
VisionLA Fest 2015

Art Grants & Commissions
Francis E. Williams – LA County Arts Commission 2013-2014

Artists: Volunteers & Supporters
Dale Davis – Artist Volunteer
Charles Dixon – Dixon Studios, Artist Volunteer
Artis Lane – Artist Sculptor artist support
John Outterbridge – Artist supporter
Tami Outterbridge – Writer
John Trevino – Artist

California Community Foundation
Andrea Abeleda – Program Associate
Virginia Remke – Event Manager

Rogelio Acevedo – Watts Towers Arts Center
Naima Keith – Curator, Studio Museum
of Harlem
Yann Perraeu – Curator Writer

Documentary Filmmakers
Chia Davis – USC Filmmakers Documentary Short “Nomad”
Leila Dugan – USC Filmmakers Documentary Short “Nomad”
KCET – The Enduring Mysteries of the Zorthian Ranch
Peter Kirby – Documentary Filmmaker
Ed Landler – Filmmaker
Gabriela Martinez – Documentary Filmmaker
Lary Moten – Stage Actor
Euzhan Palcy – Filmmaker
Manuel Perez-Carro – Documentary Filmmaker
Willie Rameau – Filmmaker
Khari Scott – Documentary Filmmaker
S. Pearl Sharp – Documentary Filmmaker

CCH Pounder

Jimi Hendrix – Driver
Emily Hopkins – Driver
Bob Coach – Driver

Barbara Moody-Bundage
Theodore R. Moody (1930 – 2013)
Cheryl Moody
Wayne Moody
Ed Moody
Vanessa Wedemier
Tony Moody
Clifton Moody

Fiscal Sponsors
Tom Coston – LightBringer Project, 2014-2015
Lyn Kienholz – Founder California/International Arts Foundation, 2012-2014

CCH – Pounder-Kone Gallery
Liz Gordon – Loft at Liz’s Gallery, Liz’s Antique Hardware

Graphic Artists
Ridgley Curry – Graphic Artist
Khari Scott – Graphic Artist

Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Louise Griffin – Fabrication/Installation Oversight MLK/MACCC
Erin Harkey – Civic Arts Project Manager
Mattie McFadden-Lawson

Nomad Truck Mechanics
Juan Vasquez – Mobile Mechanic
Tony Moody – Truck Mechanic
Clifton Moody – Mechanical Assistant

Eileen Harris – Norton – Arts Collector
Ruth Luban – Patron, Arts Collector
Joy Simmons – Patron, Arts Collector

Ben and Mandy Abbott
Marjorie Alexander – Filmmaker, Activist, Entrepreneur
Genoveva Gonzales
Charles Gonzales
Jenna Lewis
Jill Lewis
Steven Lewis
Reilly Lorastein – Poet, Educator, Spoken Word Artist
“Sun” Carlos Nieves-Pile – Fellow Nomad

Writers & Journalists
Rosanna Albertini – Arts Writer
Stephanie Case – Arts Journalist
Lynell George – Writer/Journalist

Zorthian Ranch
Brian Carlson – Artist Metal Sculptor, Metalwork and Raw Construction
Aldo D’Auria – Electrician Solar
Gary Dawson – Ranch Liaison/Digital Manager
Ayehuda Elum – Locksmith
Francisco Garcia – Contractor/Interior
Patricia Stubblefield
Randall Tsuno – Master Woodworker
Chris Wrasse
Daniel F. Yuhasz – MURP Lecturer, John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, Cal Poly Pomona
Student volunteers 2013-2014
Alan Zorthian – Architect, Steward of the Zorthian Ranch
Caroline Zorthian
Julia Zorthian